We got issues, man.

how are the commissions been? last one i think we saw was the colourphobia one?

If you haven’t checked out my blog lately; check out the my-art tag! There’s some inkings I’ve done for MCP which is also about to be colored as soon as possible. : ]

Shit’s going down tonight..!

Today was an open house day at the youth center in town and I was there to promote Penpower, the drawing group I’ve been hanging around with since almost 8 years back. Came home and realized I ended up on their facebook page. Oops.

anon wants me to draw my south park stick of truth douchebag
if you ask you shall receive

did some photoshoopin’ becaue im not done with the green haired ladies quite yet

when we do the jeff x jane porn the angels sing



that moment when you start speaking to a stranger on Facebook when he mentioned jeff the killer and then you realize he was the only one at the latest con recognizing your Mrs Creepypasta cosplay
i do love people